The Marvel Cinematic Universe and Hayley Atwell's own series Agent Cartermight be taking up much of the actress' time, but she's not letting a packed schedule hamper her ambitions. In a Twitter Q&A with her fans Atwell addressed a question asking if she would like to play a part on Doctor Who.

While we could get behind Atwell taking up residence in a certain time-traveling police box, it could be a while before she, or any other woman, gets a turn. All 13 incarnations of the Doctor (yes, we're including the Hurt Doctor) have been male, and current showrunner Steven Moffat has been vocal about his objection to seeing a woman in the role.

"Well, I think my opinion is fairly obvious from the show, isn't it," he said at San Diego Comic Con in July. "What [do] I think about the possibility and whether it would work or not? I think I've expressed myself about as clearly as I could, in the context of the show. If you're not reading the subtext, then I'll lend you. But believe me, some people aren't reading that subtext, 'cause it's too subtle."

That said, Moffat did give us a female version of The Master in Missy (Michelle Gomez), who is a renegade Time Lord.

Would you want to see Hayley Atwell as the Doctor? What other women would you cast?

Doctor Who returns Sept. 19 to BBC America, and Agent Carter will make its Season 2 debut on ABC's mid-season schedule.

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