Desperate Housewives
Remember on

Melrose Place when poof! out of nowhere, Allison became an alcoholic? Well, Bree turning into one isn't as out of left field, but it sure seems sudden to see her passed out on her lawn. I did like how her son turned the sprinkler on her and I liked it even more that Lynette gave Bree an FTF Friends Tell Friends by lining up all the wine bottles with a note on her doorstep: "Do you still think you don't have a problem?" Of course Bree was going to deny being drunk while baby-sitting Lynette's kids. That'll teach them to stick with Mrs. McCluskey as their baby-sitter (love

Kathryn Joosten). Too funny seeing the twins escape while wheeling the youngest in the stroller, but what a waste of Jo Marie Payton from Family Matters as the beauty-salon worker. I was like, "Give her more lines!" They did, however, utilize Maria Conchita Alonso just perfectly as Gabrielle's "new boobs" mother. You could definitely see where Gabrielle got her feistiness. I don't know whom to believe, Gabrielle or her mama. Great scenes with Susan, Edie and Carl nice to see Susan more in charge and that the "joke" was more on Edie than Susan for a change. Speaking of change, I'm glad Paul Young and Mike Delfino are on the same side now, uniting to protect Zach. And how much did they have to pay Felicity Huffman to do that cheesy Dove commercial/"webisode"? How did the classiest housewife get stuck doing that did they draw straws? You could just tell she was cringing.