Desperate Housewives
You know when we get one of those episodes where all of the main Housewives are involved in story lines that we care about and are totally interested in? This one wasn't one of them. The Lynette-Tom story was beyond ridiculous such a waste of

Felicity Huffman's and

Doug Savant's talents, not to mention the normally enjoyable Currie Graham as their boss, Ed. Like an advertising exec would play frat-house games with his employees. I thought I was watching Fear Factor with Tom about to eat a donut out of a toilet and Lynette eating the raw meat. But let's talk about what I did like: everything else in this episode that was all about bonding. How perfect for Bree to bond with Betty, for Gabrielle to bond with the Chinese maid, and for Susan to bond with and secretly marry her ex-husband Carl. Love that it'll be their "little secret" since Edie would freak. I knew Susan marrying the rich gay guy (played by Carlos Jacott, who was great on Curb Your Enthusiasm last year) just to get insurance wouldn't happen. Michael McDonald (from MADtv, not the Doobie Brothers) was hilarious as the gay guy's bitter lover. And speaking of hilarious, how about Jane Lynch as Bree's nemesis, Maxine Bennett? I hope she gets out of jail I want to see more Bree-Maxine rivalry. Glad we got to learn more about the girl Caleb innocently murdered. Innocently murdered that doesn't look right, but you know what I mean. It was nice to hear it from Caleb's mouth, and then from Betty to her new pal Bree. My favorite line, however, was Bree to her daughter: "Take good care of your looks, Danielle. You don't have any other weapons at your disposal." So, besides the Lynette-Tom fiasco, very good episode.