Desperate Housewives Awesome episode that stressed the importance of family. Loved that Lynette got her wish and now has day care at work. How great was Penelope Ann Miller

as the boss' wife? Her line to Lynette packed a punch: "Why did you have kids if you weren't going to raise them?" Susan got her

wish and got closer to her real father. I said last week how much I loved Joyce Van Patten. Can you see why? That scene in the supermarket was phenomenal "Be careful. He's going to break your heart." Nothing was funnier than Edie driving by and seeing the word "whore" spray-painted on Susan's garage door. "Hello, Edie. Do you have something you'd like to say?" Edie: "No that pretty much says it all." Shut up! And how about Bree walking out of George's house with such poise, followed closely by the cops carrying the life-size Bree doll? I'm glad she told her son the truth about how George died, but, of course, he's going to hold that against her. Speaking of holding something against someone, Mike threatening Paul not to leave town with Zach made for very interesting mutual blackmail cases. Then there's Betty, who successfully snuck Caleb out of the mental institution, but right in front of the dude from Scanners Michael Ironside. Finally, I love seeing Gabrielle so jealous of Carlos and Sister "Our Lady of the perpetual stick up her butt" Mary's time together. Best line was Gabrielle to Sister Mary: "I may be a Catholic, but I am so not above slapping a nun." I was thinking they had better not kill off Carlos since Gabrielle tricked him into getting the vaccination, but it looks like he'll be OK. It'd be too soon for yet another freakish death on this show.