Wednesday's episode of Designated Survivor will send one of the show's characters to some dark places. (And we're not talking about Vice President Peter MacLeish heading six feet under.)

FBI Deputy Director Jason Atwood (Malik Yoba) suffered every parent's worst nightmare this week when he discovered that his 7-year-old son Luke was killed by the same conspirators who blackmailed him into a false murder confession. Now that the truth is out, Jason is free from prison — but is he now in a prison of rage?

"It's going to send Atwood down this 'man on fire,' downward, dark path," creator David Guggenheim teases.

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With Atwood back at the bureau, he and Hannah Wells (Maggie Q) begin working together again. But in the wake of this tragedy, their relationship won't be the same as it was before.

We're told that Luke's death doesn't just compromise Atwood emotionally... It compromises the investigation. That's bad news for the FBI, and worse news for the fate of America. Will Hannah be able to rein in Atwood before it's too late?

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