David Spade and Heather Locklear David Spade and Heather Locklear
David Spade has reached out to ex-girlfriend Heather Locklear following her arrest on suspicion of DUI, People reports.

"I texted her to check on her," Spade said. "I think things get blown out a lot of proportion. She's always solid and always a great person. And I think people understand she's in a tough situation and she does her best."

Locklear, who was treated for anxiety and depression earlier this year, was pulled over by California Highway Patrol last week for driving "erratically" and was determined to be "under the influence of something," according to a CHP spokesman.

After getting tested for alcohol and drugs, the former Melrose Place star was booked and released.

Locklear and Spade dated briefly in 2006, but have remained friends.

"I think there's no one that doesn't feel for her or have nice things to say about her in my experience," the actor said.