David Hasselhoff, TV legend and Kung Fury theme song singer, is looking for a simpler life and he's starting with his name.

The Baywatch actor announced via YouTube that he's dropping the "Hassel" from his name so from now on he'll be David Hoff. He even had a name change certificate to go along with the announcement.

"I've been waiting to drop the Hassel from my life for years, " he declares in the video. "Now it's official." However, the certificate is far from adequate proof that the change is legally official.

Hoff, who is most popularly known on the Internet as The Hoff anyway, is far from first person to make a name change so late in his career. The tradition is just usually saved for rappers like P. Diddy or Snoop Lion who think a change in name can reinvigorate their brand.

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It remains to be seen how the name change will actually impact The Hoff's life or career. Is it easier to put on posters? On T-shirts? On memes? Could it be to make it easier for Starbucks baristas? These are questions that may never be answered, but best of luck to Hoff with his new "Hassel"-free moniker.