David Gregory David Gregory

Meet the Press host David Gregory will head over to Discovery Channel next month to host a roundtable discussion about Stephen Hawking's take on God.

Did God Create the Universe? will air on Sunday, Aug. 7 at 9 p.m. on the Discovery Channel, directly following the premiere of the network's new landmark series Curiosity.

A group of well-known theologians and scientists will discuss and debate Hawking's position that God did not create the universe and that there is no heaven. NBC's Peacock Productions is behind the special, which is why Gregory is involved.

Panelists will include Roman Catholic theologian John Haught, the head of the Center on Study of Science and Religion at Georgetown University; Paul Davies, the co-director of the Cosmology Initiative at Arizona State University; and CalTech theoretical physicist Sean Carroll.

NASA astrophysicist Jennifer Wiseman, who heads up the American Scientific Affiliation, a group of scientists who balance their commitment to religion with science, will also participate.

The inaugural episode of Curiosity centers on Hawking as he answers the question of God and the universe.

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