Paris Hilton and Benji Madden by Chris Polk/ Paris Hilton and Benji Madden by Chris Polk/

Young Hollywood came out in full force to Crown Bar, Hollywood's hip new hotspot, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The space was transformed into the "Hornitos Garden of Agave," and the décor was far from incomplete with an elaborate ice sculpture and a donkey piñata hanging above the dance floor.

Of course, a party is not a party in Hollywood without Paris Hilton and her new beau Benji Madden. When asked about what romantic things he does for her, Paris gushed to TV Guide, "He writes me beautiful letters and he just has a heart of gold. We are very in love!" Everybody all at once now, awww.

Guests enjoyed cheese quesadillas and tuna tartare with some specialty cocktails to help wash them down, including Brothers & Sisters 'newly single Dave Annable. Between sips of his margarita, he recalled one of his favorite memories from the set. "I think one of my favorites," he said, "is one of the first scenes they did with Sally [Field]. We were shooting outside of a jail in the second episode of the first season and we had this scene where we were yelling at each other and it just hit me, I was like 'holy s**t, that's Sally Field and I'm yelling at her.' It was so weird, I was so excited. Every day is a great memory for me."

New dad Joel Madden was also enjoying the festivities as DJ Samantha Ronson kept the guests on the dance floor spinning this year's hottest tracks. Ronson's frequent sidekick Lindsay Lohan was also there to soak up the scene. She and her crew were spotted at a table next to the now-famous DJ chatting and enjoying the tunes. Lauren Conrad, who arrived at the party by sneaking in a back entrance, was also at the table with her Hills costar, Lo Bosworth. The two participated in the celebration with Hornito's Ultimate Cinco Margaritas and shots of tequila! I couldn't help but notice that Lo brought two young gentlemen with her, one of which never left her side. I smell a boyfriend!

So is there any other way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than with a celebrity-infested, tequila-sponsored fiesta? I should think not. Add a piñata into the mix and everyone's saying olé by midnight. - Lindsey Jordahl