Danny Gans Danny Gans

Las Vegas entertainer Danny Gans' death has been ruled accidental, brought on by a toxic reaction to a painkiller, a coroner said.

Autopsy reports show Gans, 52, who died May 1, was using the prescription drug hydromorphone, commonly known as Dilaudid, to treat his chronic back pain, Clark County Coroner Mike Murphy said. In addition to chronic pain, Gans suffered from heart disease caused by high blood pressure and polycythemia, which results in an overabundance of red blood cells.

"Mr. Gans' health conditions placed him at greater risk for heart irregularities, and the hydromorphone was a factor in exacerbating those risks," Murphy said. "We clearly listed this as accidental."

Murphy did not specify the level of hydromorphone found in Gans' system.

Gans' manager, Chip Lightman, told the Associated Press the impressionist's chronic pain was due to his tenure as a minor league baseball player and his grueling performing schedule.

Gans is survived by his wife and three children.