Dancing with the Stars The first hour of reminiscences and replays seemed like ABC's lazy way of saying, "We're not intimidated by an

American Idol results show or the early round of women figure skaters, but just in case, we'll wait until 9 to show any real dancing." We did learn that

Drew would rather get his legs waxed than do the samba again spoken like a compassionate married man! I don't quite know what to say about Samantha's quickstep. Though she got the steps down and everything, she still had that aura of someone who tries too hard to get you to like her.

Jerry and Anna: Could they rub it in one more time that Jerry wouldn't be there if it weren't for the fans? The fox-trot was elegant, but his steps always look more hesitant than musical, and whenever Anna is doing something, he kind of stops moving, like he's waiting for his turn. I don't know which the judges enjoyed most about their "Celebration" disco, the wigs or the lifts.

Stacy and Tony: No doubt, Stacy's jive is her best of the season, and it was just as fun to watch tonight. So what was Tony thinking when he made their Saturday Night Fever routine so safe? It didn't have a fraction of the spark that her other dances have had, and the lift was on the awkward side. Also, it's pretty clear Stacy and Carrie Ann won't be BFF after this show is over.

Drew and Cheryl: Their paso doble may have been a perfect 30, but it wasn't as great to watch this time around because I was so nervous and intent on watching his shoulders. The cowboy freestyle was the opposite, though free from the rules and free to make the audience have fun along with them. More than the lifts, I loved all those little horse-riding moves. And by the end, it looked like Drew was about to burst out of his skin with joy. I'm sorry, is my bias too evident? Sabrina Rojas Weiss

Ballroom dancing has made stars out of B-list celebs. Now see what it can do for you.