Chelsea and Chris by Kelsey McNeal/Fox Chelsea and Chris by Kelsey McNeal/Fox

And then there were 14. This week, Chris and Chelsea were the latest to have the beat stop on So You Think You Can Dance. Despite their disappointment, both took the news gracefully. Friday morning, each dancer spoke to press about getting cut, lessons learned and what's next. Here's what they said on:

What They Learned from the Experience:
Chris: All of a sudden, being put together with 20 people, with different personalities, just coping with that, and dancing with my partner, Comfort, we're such different styles, and it was such a learning experience trying to use both of our styles to our best ability.
Chelsea: How to go about working with people, it wasn't all about dance. It was a humbling experience being around so much talent in so many different genres, those are the two the main things I'm going to take away from this: Work ethic and working with different personalities.

Best Advice from the Judges Following their Dance Stints:
Chris: Adam [Shankman] was telling me after the show, he was suggesting - I have one more year of school left - he was like, 'I can really see you out in New York, they would love you.' And all the judges would just say 'keep your head up,' and compliment me and just tell me to keep on going and that I'm really talented.
Chelsea: One of the main producers, Jeff, he was definitely a father figure to the contestants during the show, and he would always have really inspiring words. He said, in the top 20, no one will ever fill my shoes, and you'll be one of the most missed [of all the dancers]. I heard someone say that it's not a destination, it's a journey. That's how I look at it.

What's Next on Their Dance Cards:
I can't wait to now go home and be with my family. I want to take as many dance classes as I can and hopefully teach some places if people want me to teach. I have school next year, my senior year of college, so I need to get done with that and just start my career. This has been such a great thing to poke my head into.
Chelsea: I had auditioned a couple years ago for an agency in L.A., and I said I'm not moving to L.A. right away. I graduated in December, so now I'm going to follow up on that, they've already contacted me.... I'm going to use that momentum from the show. It's nowhere near over just because the show's over for me. - Anna Dimond

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