Well, it's about damn time! Cripes, I was starting to think Aquaman was never gonna happen. Thankfully, the gang's trip to screen "Queens Boulevard" at Sundance impressed James "Call me Jim" Cameron enough to seal the deal. Whoo-hoo! And not a second too late, considering the number of industry faux pas going on. Seriously, between the Kevin Smith slams, pulling out of the film adaptation of Kem Nunn's classic surfer tome, Tapping the Source, and that less-than-flattering Weinstein impersonator, Vincent would be lucky to rent a Miramax film, much less star in one. But now that he's suiting up as DC's undersea hero, all should be swell. Except for Drama and Turtle. Yeah, crossing swords during the three-way with their driver? Not so good. As a proud owner (and addict) of the T-Mobile Sidekick, I'd suggest the fellas boot up their goodie-bag PDAs and Google themselves a good therapist. And while they're at it, maybe they could IM the Emmy folks a thanks for Jeremy Piven's nomination. I mean, anyone who can reduce a film shoot Down Under to "We're gonna get drunk with Russell Crowe and head-butt some kangaroos" deserves a little something, right?