Have you ever wanted to just hang out with Jeff Goldblum and talk about stuff? Of course you have, because he's the coolest man on the planet and every time he's on screen in one of the latest blockbuster films he exudes "I would love to grab a beer with that dude"ness.

Well fam, Nat Geo is granting the universal wish. Goldblum is getting his own docu-series, The Curiosity of Jeff Goldblum (a working title). He will travel around the world and explore the backstory of ordinary objects like balloons. Nat Geo is making a 12-episode series that will have an entire episode of Jeff Goldblum talking about and playing with balloons.

The actor confirmed his cool-guy status by introducing the series to journalists at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. He tested our knowledge with statements about ice cream — another topic of the show — including that it's a modern day miracle and "when it comes to primal human needs, ice cream ranks higher than sex." Just take our money, Nat Geo because this show is awesome. Just kidding, because this is free with your regularly paid cable bill!

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"It may be a show from week to week whereby I invite you and we go together and explore-investigate things around us. Perhaps many things that seem ordinary, but upon investigation and with a little excavation and detective work [are] not so ordinary after all — maybe extraordinary," Goldblum said.

Nat Geo's official announcement for the series includes phrases like "eye-opening" and "asks curious questions we never knew we had," to which I'd normally say, "Whoa, you don't know my life," but in this case I 100 percent believe that Jeff Goldblum is going to ask things that I didn't know I needed to know the answer to. I'm starting a list about balloons right now. No. 1: Why are they so hard to tie? I digress...

The series will have 12 episodes in its first season. Aside from balloons, Goldblum will also investigate the science and sordid history of other objects including ice cream, cereal and toilet paper. If any ordinary object was going to have some dark tales to tell, it would be toilet paper.

Jeff Goldblum, <em>Jurassic Park</em>Jeff Goldblum, Jurassic Park