Curb Your Enthusiasm OK, serious matter here. Richard Lewis raises a good point when he talks about how he'll never get a kidney, yet

Mickey Mantle managed to top the list when he needed a new liver. Couldn't agree more. I never understood how anyone believed those who claimed the Mick got it fair and square. Did anyone buy that? Anyway, nurse Lisa telling Larry that Jeff came up a little "short"? Guy's worst nightmare. And only a little lower down the list is having a woman tell you that about your friend. Of course, Jeff's retort about Lisa's oversize you-know-what wasn't any more comfortable a situation for me, since I once had a friend tell me that about another friend, too. And after years of not seeing said friend, I spotted her being interviewed on Today, of all places. After all that time, what do you think the first thing I thought of was? Exactly. Funny episode, though. Forgot all about the edible underwear in Larry's pocket, too, until he pulled it out when he was hungry.