Jorja Fox and William Petersen by Robert Voets/CBS Jorja Fox and William Petersen by Robert Voets/CBS

A ray of hope for CSI fans who are turned off by that whole... romance thingy... between William Petersen and Jorja Fox's characters. "The Sara-Grissom story line is going to conclude," Jonathan Littman, an executive producer for Jerry Bruckheimer's production house, tells the Orlando Sentinel. "Don't take it in that definitive term," he adds. "It's very smartly done." Littman also teases "a big story-line finish at the start of the season," one that will play out for a few episodes.

Other scoopy bits from the Bruckheimer exec:

" With Poppy Montgomery expecting, Without a Trace will probably make Samantha pregnant as well. "There's no reason not to," says Littman. "It's interesting for a single FBI agent who has dated two men in the office. [And] she was in bed with a [never identified] guy at the end of the season. That was just fortuitous."

" Left in critical condition by a season-finale gunshot, Cold Case's Lily will "come back and deal with the aftermath and the fact that her life has a lot of issues... and a lot of emptiness."