Emily Procter and Adam Rodriguez, <I>CSI: Miami</i> Emily Procter and Adam Rodriguez, CSI: Miami

Analyzing blood pools and trace evidence is cool and all, but what makes many CSI: Miami viewers hot is the idea of teammates Calleigh and Eric getting a real clue and taking a chance at romance. Well, starting with this week's Delko-heavy episode and continuing throughout the season, such 'shippers should prepare to get what they wished for.

"It's something that's been brewing for a long time," Adam Rodriguez (Eric) tells TVGuide.com, "and for it to finally come to the surface and be addressed ... well, it's long overdue."

What exactly, though, is overdue? Neither Rodriguez nor Miami scene partner Emily Procter got into specifics during a Monday conference call. But it would seem that a major incident in this week's episode leads Delko to seize the day and "investigate" what his heart wants.

"Delko definitely has been, I guess, a guy's guy for a long time," Rodriguez says, acknowledging his character's flirty rep. "That makes it all the more profound that he's making this decision now to commit his energy and love to Calleigh."

But will Eric's forthcoming expression be requited? After all, Calleigh, says Procter, tends to be "somewhat skittish" about romance. This time could be very different, however. As the actress told us, "I would hope for Callie that she can pull it together enough to recognize what a great man Delko is, and commit from her side."

Love. Commitment. Such words appeal not only to the would-be couple's fans, but also their portrayers. Notes Rodriguez, "For a long time, it was touch and go when and if this was going to happen. I guess they made the decision to go ahead with it ... and it was very welcomed!"