Even though NBC didn't green light the Cruel Intentions series for the fall, the Sarah Michelle Gellar lead revival is not be totally dead yet.

Variety reports that the series, which updates Gellar's role from the 1999 film to be headmaster of the elite private school she once attended, has had pilot options for the whole cast extended--meaning everyone's sitting tight, operating in good faith it'll find a home.

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Show creator Roger Kumble, who'll also write and executive produce the project, told Variety recently that both NBC and production studio Sony remain committed. "It feels like a long time," he said, "but it hasn't been that long...I think they're regrouping. What's been great is that I'm still getting emails of support from NBC and Sony saying, 'We're behind this show.'"

And even though NBC is still mulling over whether the show would debut in summer of 2017, other outlets including Hulu and Freeform have shown interest too. Which means it's very likely we'll get to see "the Marcia f----ing Brady of the Upper East Side" reign once again.