Hocus pocus, allakhazam, whatever. David Blaine, I'm not interested. This isn't a magician's show at a 7-year-old's birthday party. Tell Grandpa to quit pulling that quarter out from behind your ear. This is serious, people. This is Criss Angel, the one and only Mindfreak.

OK, so I have a crush. Not only does this illusionist have some pretty mind-boggling tricks up his sleeve, but watching him perform them is pretty magnetic (not to mention his ability to wear a leather jacket like a rocker). Yes, yes, on most days, I admit that I join a large portion of the world in watching McDreamy, McSteamy, McVet and otherwise with a great big grin across my face. But let's just say I'm branching out from the McStandard (Raven, are you proud?) and latching onto a few edgier picks that not only exude their own captivating vibe but have pretty cool lifestyles to go with it. ( Miami Ink's Ami James is another example.)

But let's not get off track here. Criss Angel walks on water, people. He brings card tricks to a whole other level. He hung from the rafters above the audience on the Oprah Show this week (which prompted me to speak up even though I've been watching clips online for a while now) and escaped a straightjacket in record time - half the time in which Houdini did it. (Don't ask me to give you the play-by-play, because it involves popping his own shoulder from its socket, and that gives me the heebie-jeebies). I once watched him tear up a newspaper, hand it to several people, mix them up, and take all the pieces back then snap open the fully restored paper. To me, that's confusing. For some of you out there, it may seem boring, uninteresting even. After all, isn't there some kind of catch to his whole act? It can't be real, right? The thing is I don't care. It is completely entertaining whether he has a masterful mind or not. He can pick out a lottery ticket for me any day, that's for sure. All he does is feel the energy around things without touching them. Still, for all the skeptics out there (including myself most of the time), I'm sure there's some little secret that would reveal a not-so-special Criss. Well, I don't want to be disappointed. I'll just continue watching clips of his crazy games until the new season of Mindfreak begins on June 5 (10 pm/ET, A&E). I suggest you check it out - maybe you can tell me how he does some of this loony stuff, or maybe you'll just enjoy the bizarre behavior as much as I do.