Thomas Gibson in Criminal Minds by Sonja Flemming/CBS Thomas Gibson in Criminal Minds by Sonja Flemming/CBS
The following contains spoiler information from Wednesday night's Criminal Minds premiere.

Criminal Minds fans got their answer on Wednesday night, when it was revealed that SSA Kate Joyner was the agent critically, and eventually fatally, injured by the exploding SUV. But Thomas Gibson's Hotchner didn't escape the tragedy scot-free. No, not by a stretch. "In the aftermath of Kate's death, Hotch will ignore medical advice and continue to work with his post-explosion injuries, putting himself in danger of permanent injury," executive producer Ed Bernero tells "The team will then slowly realize that Hotch is working almost non-stop, and begin to worry further about his health." Of course,

Minds' even bigger bang came when the ambulance driven into the clear by Derek Morgan went kaboom in the middle of Central Park. Shemar Moore obviously had only one take to get that scene right, as his character was revealed to have ducked out the driver door just seconds before the explosion. "They had the fire marshal there, bomb experts, but I was the closest person to the explosion. They built a little barricade, a piece of plywood, that I had to duck under," Moore shares. "They told me, 'After the explosion, wait two beats then stand up and say your line,' but if you sense anything is wrong - flying debris - abandon ship. It was one of the most outrageous things I've ever witnessed in person." - Matt Mitovich