The BAU's newest member is pretty adorable.

JJ will only make a cameo in the Season 11 premiere of Criminal Minds, as A.J. Cook is on maternity leave, but she brought along a very special guest: her new baby boy!

"You'll get to meet A.J.'s real little baby, Phoenix. Like what she did with Mekhai [playing JJ's first son Henry], she's having her actual child play JJ's child," executive producer Erica Messer tells "His name is Michael. Henry and Michael. Her whole family will be TV stars."

No word yet if Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) will also be Michael's godfather, but in the meantime, check out these exclusive (and super cute!) sneak peeks of mother and child below.

Cook, who welcomed Phoenix in July with her husband Nathan Andersen, will return in the seventh episode. Season 11 of Criminal Minds premieres Wednesday at 9/8c on CBS.

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