Stephen Colbert by Martin Crook/Comedy Central Stephen Colbert by Martin Crook/Comedy Central

Hey, what's one more joker in the Oval Office? On last night's Colbert Report, the Comedy Central funnyman announced, "I shall seek the office of the Ppresident of the United States." And just so we'd know he was serious, he arrived on set via a bicycle pedaled by Uncle Sam, then produced a bale of hay and a bottle of beer - you know, proof that he's "an average Joe."

"After nearly 15 minutes of soul-searching," some of them presumably in a row, the former Daily Show correspondent said, "I have heard the call." Now it's up to us to answer that call. Well, at least those of us who live in his home state, as he added that he plans to run in South Carolina "and South Carolina alone." - Ben Katner