<i>Coolio's Rules</i> Coolio's Rules

Coolio has given up his "Gangsta's Paradise" for the kitchen and his kids. The rap star juggles parenting his four teenagers, while starting up his own catering business in his new reality show Coolio's Rules, (premiering Tuesday at 10 pm/ET on Oxygen).

"Cooking and music go hand in hand," Coolio said. "It's therapy for me and one of the things that I use to replace some of the other things in my life that I used to do, that I decided not to do anymore."

He can whip up a new dish under pressure, now, including what to do with soggy egg rolls at one of his first catering events — an office party! "I took the egg rolls all stuck together, put them in the deep fryer, and ended up having to make an egg-roll loaf. But they killed it. There was none left."

With a cookbook in the works and a new album, Steal Hear, to promote, the rapper also tackles how to be a father. "Unfortunately I didn't really raise my children because they didn't live with me when they were younger," he said. He sums up his new role as "a little unsettling at times."

But Coolio is just like any other dad who wants the best for his kids, ages 15 to 20. What's the biggest lesson he's hoping to teach them? "You get out of life what you put into it. If you want your quality of life to go up then you have to take the steps," he told TVGuide.com.