Things are only going to get more intense in the second episode of Containment,as a lethal virus has taken hold in Atlanta.

The CDC has officially deployed a cordon to keep the virus contained in one area of the city — separating citizens from their loved ones and in some cases away from their homes entirely without a clear explanation of what's happening.

Lex (David Gyasi), the police officer in charge of maintaining the new cordon, has become the public face of the effort to try and contain the virus. Not only does he have to figure out how to police the people inside the quarantined area, but he must do whatever he can to prevent a widespread panic that could lead to riots and a rush to break down the cordon barriers.

Containment: Come for the virus, stay for the characters

Journalist Leo Greene (Trevor St. John) is not going to help with that mission as he tries to get closer to the inside story. He has footage of Lex saving a teenager from another cop as he tried to get into the cordon to see his pregnant girlfriend. Leo wants to make Lex a hero for the clip — clearly aware that there is more going on — in hopes of getting into the good graces in the man in charge of the situation.

As Lex says in the exclusive clip above, media relations is not his priority. The question is how will Leo exacerbate the situation that Lex is trying to... Wait for it... Contain? Containment airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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