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A Community Movie Could Still Happen... On One Condition

At least according to star Alison Brie

Tim Surette

Community fans, we got our six seasons. But where the fudgsicle is our movie?

Talk of the oft-teased but never realized Community movie has been quiet for some time, but that doesn't mean we're still not thinking about it. And if one Community star's story is true, we're not alone.

At a recent Netflix press event to promote the upcoming female wrestling dramedy Glow, caught up with Alison Brie, who played goody girl Annie Edison on the cult NBC and Yahoo sitcom, and asked her straight up: What's up with the Community movie?

"Ya know, I just saw [Community creator] Dan Harmon when he and I did an episode of Dr. Ken together, and I tried to quiz him a little bit about it," Brie said. "And he was kind of like, 'Well you guys, your schedules are crazy, so I don't know.'"

The Community movie will happen, Dan Harmon says

But Brie goes on to say that she'd be up for a Community movie if Harmon would just write the script. You hear that, Dan? Your move! Don't be streets behind on this, bud.

Glow debuts on Netflix on June 23.

Additional reporting by Liz Raftery