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Don't give up hope, Community fans. Apparently #sixseasonsandamovie could still be in the cards.

Hulu is in talks to bring back the canceled cult comedy for a sixth season, reports.

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Discussions between the online streaming service and Sony TV, which produces the series, are reportedly still in the preliminary stages. Hulu already has a digital syndication deal with Community and although the show's fan base has never been particularly large, it has remained fiercely loyal throughout the show's other brushes with cancellations and the firing (and re-hiring) of series creator Dan Harmon.

But if a sixth season does come to past, will Harmon return to guide the ship? Days after the show was canceled, Harmon said he felt "eh" about bringing back the show. However, he also said he believed that his opinion on the matter might change. "I'm not going to be the guy that re-cancels cancelled Community," he said.

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Watch our video of Community fans occupying NBC with a flash mob:

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