Heroes by Frank Ockenfels/NBC Photo Heroes by Frank Ockenfels/NBC Photo

When it comes to rewarding their most loyal fans, Heroes has always fared well at Comic-Con. But will a screening of the entire first episode of "Volume III" be the big surprise this year? "We're still not sure whether it's going to be a whole episode or not," Tim Kring told us at the Saturn Awards. "We're still shooting, and we may not be able to get an entire episode."

That said, Kring promises "to give the fans their money's worth... to really make a special thing for the fans at Comic-Con who were so instrumental to launching our show. The idea is to pay these people back for their loyalty."

Among the "payback" could be a preview of the Season 2 DVD extras. Says Kring, "Obviously the Holy Grail of any DVD is some extra footage that was never seen before. We were really able to put that together because of the strike."

With the tickets for July 26 already sold out, we had to inquire if any of the Comic-Con footage would be shown online after the convention. Alas, what happens in San Diego stays in San Diego. Says exec producer Jeph Loeb, "You have to go to Comic-Con in order to have the fun." - Carita Rizzo