George Carlin by James Devaney/ George Carlin by James Devaney/

Comedian and counter-culture hero George Carlin died Sunday of heart failure in Los Angeles. He was 71.

Famed for his anti-establishment stance and routines involving dirty words and drug themes, Carlin had a history of drug abuse and dependency. He was admitted to St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica for chest pains in the afternoon, and died at approximately 6 pm.

Carlin achieved icon status for his 1970s routine, " Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television." His edgy material and use of some of those "dirty" words on the radio sparked a 1978 FCC lawsuit. The court ruled in the government's favor, charging Carlin with indecency and allowing regulators to ban the use of certain words on the radio when they thought children might be listening.

Along with his comedic legacy, Carlin is also survived by his wife Sally Wade and daughter Kelly Carlin McCall. - Anna Dimond

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