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Collision Point: Everything to Know About the Sci-Fi Film

One decision could change your whole world

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Collision Point

Collision Point


Note: This post is brought to you by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about the dangers of drunk driving. Collision Point is NOT a real movie, but we made an awesome trailer for it anyway. 

What if you could go back in time to alter the past? What if you could return to the worst night of your life and do it over again? What if you could revisit the biggest regret you've ever made and erase it? That's the crux of the new film Collision Point, a heart-wrenching sci-fi drama film about preventing fatal mistakes before they happen. 

Featuring time travel, an android companion, and one man's determination to rectify a life-altering decision, Collision Point will make you not only think about the choices you've made, but also the decisions you're about to make. Here's everything we know about Collision Point.

What is Collision Point about?

Collision Point is a sci-fi drama about the brilliant physicist Raymond Segel and his desperate quest to invent and refine a groundbreaking time travel device. Motivated by profound regret, Raymond seeks to reverse the tragic decision he made on Jan. 1st, 2024 when he decided to drive while under the influence of alcohol, resulting in a devastating car crash that claimed the life of his partner and love of his life, Noélle Collard. Raymond embarks on a journey through time with the assistance of his android companion NC-2, leading him to confront the ethical dilemmas that arise from changing the past, while fighting against the inexorable forces of destiny. Collision Point is a heart-wrenching tale of love, redemption, and the consequences of our choices, especially as it pertains to getting behind the wheel after drinking.

Collision Point trailer

Collision Point characters

Raymond Segel: Raymond Segel is a brilliant American physicist and engineer born in the mid-1980s. Raymond made waves as a scientific prodigy as an undergraduate at Stanford, where he excelled in quantum particle theory. However, shortly after joining Dynestyne Synthetic — a tech company on the forefront of scientific breakthroughs — Raymond was involved in an unexpected but preventable crash that would change the course of his life forever.

Noélle Collard: Theoretical mathematician Noélle Collard worked for Dynestyne Synthetic's famed Q.E.D. (Quantified Existence Division) and championed mathematics education reform. Working with Raymond, she made world-altering scientific discoveries. The duo became closer through their collaboration, eventually turning their partnership into a romantic relationship. 

N-C2: N-C2 is an android created by physicist and engineer Raymond Segel and modeled after Noélle Collard following a fatal drunk driving crash that claimed her life. An AI programmed with Noélle's personality, she assists Raymond in his pursuit of using time travel to change his past. But as she works with Raymond, she begins to develop experiences and a personality of her own.  

Where can I get more information on Collision Point?

For more information on Collision Point and its messaging, visit the Collision Point wiki on Fandom or head over to NHTSA.gov to learn more.