At last! After all the hoopla, Colin Farrell's new indie film, A Home at the End of the World, opens today in New York and L.A. The movie was penned by Michael Cunningham, the Pulitzer-winning scribe behind The Hours, and Farrell turns in some very moving performances. Too bad preview audiences felt the most moved by Farrell's rousing display of full-frontal nudity! This led to Home's filmmakers cutting that particular scene from the film. Even so, our inquiring (and slightly dirty) minds wanted to know exactly why they'd sacrifice Colin's attention-grabbing money shot, which was bound to pack theaters across America?

"There are various stories circulating about the excising of Colin's d---," the cheeky Cunningham tells TV Guide Online. "The true story is simply this: As Colin started [promoting] the movie, it was all anybody wanted to talk about.

"He called [director] Michael Mayer and said, 'I believe in this movie. I created a character and I put in a performance, and all they want to talk about is my d---.' He asked if we would simply use another shot, which of course we agreed to do.

"It was just that Colin got tired of talking about his own d---," Cunningham laughs. "That happens, I guess. No one ever asks me about mine."

Despite the controversy over Farrell's risqué display, Cunningham is still delighted the 28-year-old Irish heartthrob accepted Home's leading-man role. His character is Bobby, a gentle young man who has a complicated relationship with his male best friend. Actresses Sissy Spacek and Robin Wright Penn co-star.

"We've been working steadily for 10 years to try and get it made," Cunningham sighs. "I think once Colin signed on, we had the kind of movie star who gets a movie made. Which is one of the many, many reasons that I will always love Colin — his courage to say that he wanted to do this risky and unconventional part."