Colin Farrell will play Oliver North for a miniseries in development at Amazon. The untitled project will reunite Farrell with his The Lobster director Yorgos Lanthimos and focus on the Iran-Contra scandal, according to Variety. Amazon is waiting for scripts before giving the greenlight.

A little history lesson: In 1985, North facilitated the secret sale of arms to Iran during a time when an arms embargo for Iran was in place, in hopes of getting hostages released by Hezbollah, who held them in Lebanon. Parts of the sale were then to be diverted to support Contra agents in Nicaragua who were fighting a left-wing socialist government. A political scandal erupted, and North was found to have destroyed incriminating documents related to the arms sale.

Colin Farrell, Oliver NorthColin Farrell, Oliver North

Farrell has largely made his name in films such as In Bruges, Miami Vice and S.W.A.T., but took on the big lead role in Season 2 of True Detective, which flopped but not because of Farrell's excellent performance or mustache.

North was recently a correspondent for the Fox News network.