Gary Coleman Gary Coleman

The lawyer assigned to Gary Coleman's estate says there will be no funeral services for the actor, The Associated Press reports.

Ex-lover fights for Coleman's remains and estate

Robert Jeffs, the independent attorney appointed to Coleman's case Monday by a Utah judge, told the AP that Coleman specified in his 2005 will that there be no funeral services. Jeffs was assigned to determine whether Coleman's ex-wife, Shannon Price, or his ex-girlfriend, Anna Gray, is the rightful administrator of his estate.

Both women have filed claims stating they are executor. Gray is named in the 2005 will, according to her petition, while Price is named in a handwritten note from 2007.

Gary Coleman's living will ordered 15 days of life support

Coleman's remains and property will be stored until a final ruling is made on his estate's executor, a decision which could take months, Jeffs told The AP.

The Diff'rent Strokes actor died May 28 at 42 after suffering a brain hemorrhage.