Sarah Clarke, <I>Trust Me</i> Sarah Clarke, Trust Me

Suffice it to say that Sarah Clarke, aka 24's first and perhaps fiercest mole, always brings something special to every role. Currently, she's the missus of Eric McCormack's Mason on TNT's Trust Me (Mondays at 10 pm/ET), but don't write off her Erin Maguire as just any homemaker. In a Q&A, Clarke teased changes to come for her Trust Me character, pondered her fate as Bella's mom in the blockbuster Twilight film series, and revealed whether she misses being nasty as 24's Nina. Finish this sentence: "Trust Me's Erin Maguire is a stay-at-home mom, however... "
Sarah Clarke: However, there is a whole other side of her that is slowly starting to redevelop. When Erin stopped working — she used to work at RGM [her husband's ad agency] — to raise the kids and be a full-time mom and wife, everything else got put on hold. Now that the kids are more self-sufficient and Mason is a workaholic, she's spending a lot more time on her own and waking up to who she is again. She's totally going to end up back at RGM, isn't she?
Clarke: [Laughs] Probably! We'll see. At the very least, she'll be helping Mason out with a campaign soon?
Clarke: Yes, they definitely use me as a sounding board. I also have to play referee between him and Conner (played by Tom Cavanagh). Trust Me got off to a slow start, but I keep hearing that the episodes get better, the scripts sharper.
Clarke: Yes. It always takes viewers a little time to get involved in a show, and what I love about TNT is they really believe in their product. They know that, over time, people will come to find this show and love it. Between Thirteen and Twilight and Trust Me, do you think you're well prepared for when your own daughter one day becomes a teenager?
Clarke: [Laughs] It's a freaky prospect! My daughter is only 2, so I'm slowly becoming prepared. Are you on board for the Twilight sequel, New Moon?
Clarke: You know, they still haven't told me. They're being so secretive about it. They know I'm doing press for Trust Me, so they haven't told me anything yet. I think they don't want anything to get out. Have you read ahead with the other books to see what Bella's mom gets to do?
Clarke: I have, and I know I'm involved, but the mother is such a strange role, I have to say. My instincts as a mother would never jibe with half the things Renee does. We'd be worried if they did!
Clarke: Even with the first book, I remember reading that the mother was always on the phone, whining. What's interesting in that? Luckily, Catherine [Hardwicke, who also wrote and directed Thirteen] gave me a lot more fun things to do, and gave us a real relationship. So that's the big question for the second book, where again the mother is relegated to the phone. I don't know if they'll stay true to that. If you as a teenager had to choose between a vampire boy and a werewolf, which way do you think you'd lean?
Clarke: Oh, I'd definitely go vampire. Werewolves are too hairy. But wouldn't the hickeys be worse?
Clarke: Maybe. But you could wear a turtleneck. Your 24 character, Nina, is truly and sincerely dead. Does that ever make you sad?
Clarke: Yes and no. I remember thinking it was about time when they finally put me down. And make no mistake, Jack did put you down.
Clarke: He did put me down [with a series of close-range gunshots]. But there are moments where I remember how fun it was to pour all my aggression into my work. [Laughs] Anytime you felt s---ty, you'd be like, "Well, at least I'm playing Nina today. I can go to work angry."