While Jeffster rocked the Con, Zachary Levi rocked a beard. While Jeffster rocked the Con, Zachary Levi rocked a beard.

The Chuck panel at the San Diego Comic-Con was literally music to fans' ears.

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Following a video clip in which show bosses Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak and star Zachary Levi pretended to be blindsided by Chuck's renewal, Jeffster — aka the micro-band formed by Buy More buds Jeff and Lester — ignited the event with a most unexpected and thoroughly rousing live performance of Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls," says SciFiWire.com. (Watch a video below.)

The entire cast paraded on stage and joined in, with Levi air-guitaring to the music. Once the commotion came to a close, the Chuck creators and cast proceeded to tease the coming season ("Something very emotional and dramatic will have happened between Chuck and Sarah," said Schwartz), joke about the rumored budget cuts ("This year, we can only afford for Adam Baldwin to grunt"), and unveil a new web hub — ChuckMeOut.com — that will keep fans entertained until the new season arrives.

The ensemble also took time to send love to those who partook in the Subway/grassroots campaign that got the show picked up for a midseason — if not sooner, hint-hint-hope — return.

Josh Schwartz answers burning questions about the season finale

The fast-paced panel served up a smattering of intel. As hinted at season's end, Chuck's bro-in-law, Awesome, will get sucked into the spy world; Carina (played by Mini Alden), the rogue agent who struck Morgan's fancy, will return; and Chuck's new kung-fu skill set will be (as we always suspected) glitchy at best.

The Chuck panel was short (say, a toasted six-incher) but sweet (as in a Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki foot-long), if only as a reminder that the joyful action-comedy's mission is not over.