Tony Rock by Michael Schwartz/ Tony Rock by Michael Schwartz/

This fall, audiences can see the other Rock family talent in his own show: MyNetworkTV's The Tony Rock Project, a reality-comedy series. Also known as Chris Rock's younger brother, Tony has appeared in a number of shows and movies, but he's getting center stage with the new gig.

In the Project, Tony Rock will conduct man-on-the-street interviews, use hidden cameras and other types of segments to shed some light, Borat-style, on society's quirks, hang-ups and stereotypes. The series comes from MyNetwork vets C to the B (who brought us Flavor Flav's Under One Roof) and Langley Productions ( Jail, COPS), and will air Wednesdays at 8:30 pm/ET.

Will the younger Rock keep audiences laughing? Does the format have potential, or sound played-out? - Anna Dimond