Chris Jericho Chris Jericho

Acrophobes, beware! The new vertigo-inducing quiz show Downfall challenges players to answer questions before their potential prizes — and possibly even themselves — are sent crashing over the edge of an L.A. high-rise on a massive conveyor belt. Host Chris Jericho tells us about the high points of tonight's season premiere, airing at 9/8c on ABC.

Duh: The host. Jericho made — and broke — his bones as a pro wrestler, but he also acts, sings in his own metal band and is a clever pop-culture commentator. "Wrestling is show-business boot camp," he says.

The conveyor belt is monstrous. "We had to warn the FAA that we'd be filming, so that planes wouldn't try to land on it," he says.

Watching people with a fear of heights is fun. "That's half the appeal. Even for myself, I'm standing right near the edge, and it's terrifying," admits Jericho. (Thank goodness for safety harnesses!)

The lights of L.A. will give your HD TV a workout. Jericho's take? "It is visually the most impressive show I've ever seen."

Stuff gets smashed. "Watching a jet ski or a car topple onto the street is cool to see. It has a strange car-crash appeal," he says.

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