Chris Brown and Tina Davis Chris Brown and Tina Davis

Chris Brown's manager, Tina Davis, has denied TMZ's report that she sent Brown an intimate text message that sparked a fight between the R&B singer and his girlfriend, Rihanna.

"The relationship between Ms. Davis and Mr. Brown is that of manager and client. There has never been any other relationship," read a statement issued by Davis' lawyer. "The rumors in circulation are false. There are no emails between Ms. Davis and Mr. Brown of the type which have been described in media reports. If the source of the false rumors is identified, legal action will be taken. Given the nature of the legal issues affecting Mr. Brown, Ms. Davis will not be making any further statements."

A police affidavit stated that a fight erupted between Brown and Rihanna after Rihanna read a three-page text from "a woman who Brown had a previous sexual relationship with." On Tuesday, TMZ reported the woman was Davis, 39. Both she and Brown, 19, have repeatedly denied they were romantically involved.

Brown, who withdrew his name from the Kids' Choice Awards ballot Thursday, has been charged with two felonies in the Feb. 8 incident. His arraignment is scheduled for April 6.