Chris Benoit courtesy WWE Chris Benoit courtesy WWE

WWE star Chris Benoit had in his system a synthetic version of testosterone considered an anabolic steroid, as well as amounts of Xanax and hydrocodone, at the time he killed his wife and son then took his own life, authorities disclosed on Tuesday. Benoit's body, in fact, boasted 10 times the normal level of testosterone, and he appeared to have injected steroids not long before his suicide. Georgia's chief medical examiner says there is no way to link steroids to the killings, citing "conflicting scientific data as to whether or not testosterone creates mental disorders or... outbursts of rage."

An attorney for the WWE, which has trumpeted the fact that Benoit was clean at his last drug test, reacted to the findings by saying, "All it means is that... between April 10 and when he died, he had treatment with testosterone. That's all it establishes."

Investigators also concluded that Benoit's 7-year-old son, Daniel, was sedated at the time he was strangled.