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Chicago Med's Nick Gelhfuss Says Natalie Will Continue to Challenge Will

But what does that mean for Manstead?

Keisha Hatchett

Will (Nick Gehlfuss) and Natalie (Torrey DeVitto) finally got together on Chicago Medbut things haven't been going smoothly for the new couple.

In a reversal of roles, Natalie has begun taking more risks in the emergency room which puts Will in an awkward position as both her boyfriend and her superior. Meanwhile, Will is struggling to balance his professional responsibility as a leader in the department with his other role as her supportive partner -- a tricky dynamic that will continue to be explored in the remaining episodes of the season.

"It's almost like they've switched places where Will is more straight-laced and Natalie is doing some of the [things Will used to do]," Nick Gehlfuss told TV Guide. "We're gonna see more of that."

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With Natalie becoming more brazen on the job and Will continuing to be an overprotective boyfriend, these two are in for a bumpy road ahead. And while they are bound to have more disagreements in the coming episodes, it doesn't mean those differing opinions will suddenly drive them apart.

"I think deep down Will appreciates that Natalie has that part of her and he can certainly empathize with it," Gehlfuss explained. "But in the position he's in, he's got to keep order within [the department]. So they have this hurdle of getting over working together constantly and the difference in positions."

Since Will has a deep understanding of where Natalie is coming from, these two lovebirds still have a fighting chance. They just need to figure a few things out.

Chicago Med airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

Nick Gehlfuss and Torrey DeVitto, Chicago Med

Nick Gehlfuss and Torrey DeVitto, Chicago Med

Elizabeth Sisson/NBC