Dawson (Monica Raymund) leaving Firehouse 51 is messing with Casey's (Jesse Spencer) head more than he realizes.

In this exclusive sneak peek at Chicago Fire's Season 7 premiere, the embattled captain dives headfirst into danger while out on a rescue, causing us all to have a mini heart attack in the process. It all goes when a maintenance worker is found stuck in an elevator shaft, moments away from being crushed. Rather than consulting with the team before coming up with a gameplan, Casey slides into the danger zone to save the injured worker. Casey, what are you doing?!

His brazen actions catch the rest of the crew off-guard, especially Severide (Taylor Kinney), who doesn't look happy about his friend's sudden death wish. After all, Otis (Yuri Sardarov) hasn't had a chance to shut off the controls so now both Casey and the rescue victim are seconds away from becoming human mashed potatoes.

The Chicago Fire Cast Is Just as Bummed as You Are About Dawson Leaving

Sure, we've seen Casey throw himself into danger before. Remember when he ran into that collapsing garage structure to save Gabby last season? But this time is different. Casey is different. It's safe to assume that Dawson took up the offer to volunteer in Puerto Rico, leaving her relationship with him up in the air, and the realization that his marriage is probably coming to an end has really thrown him off his game.

Jesse Spencer, <em>Chicago Fire</em>Jesse Spencer, Chicago Fire

Let's be honest, we all know Casey will somehow make it out of that elevator shaft alive. The real question is, has he learned his lesson or will he continue to act recklessly while dealing with his crumbling relationship?

See how it all goes down when Chicago Fire Season 7 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 9/8c on NBC as part of a three-hour One Chicago block starting with Chicago Med at 8/7c.