Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) is really starting to get the hang of this politics thing on Chicago Fire - and people are starting to take note.

On last week's episode, Casey was approached by political consultant Susan Weller (Lauren Stamile), who says she believes his future as a public official could extend way beyond a local alderman position. But can she be trusted?

"Certainly heat-seekers are approaching him because they see someone whose star is definitely ascending," Chicago Fire showrunner Matt Olmstead tells "He's always been trying to tell people, 'I'm just doing it to help out my ward, it's not that big of a deal.' But, he sees that he's pretty good at it. It's being made aware to him that he's pretty good at it by other people who may or may not have his best interests at heart."

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Casey eats up Susan's flattery like candy - but Dawson (Monica Raymund), on the other hand, is more skeptical.

"You have this political consultant who's saying the right things," Olmstead says. "She is very good at what she does [and] she has a valid point. He has the face for it; he has the resume for it; he has the guts for it. So, as that's starting to actually crystallize into something that could be real, on the other side of it you have Dawson, who is out of the gates a little suspicious of this political consultant. Just instinctively, she doesn't trust her."

Is Dawson's wariness simply a result of wanting to protect Casey? Or is there something else going on between Casey and Susan that she should be jealous about? Either way, when the dust settles, it's a safe bet that Dawson may regret her decision to push Casey toward a campaign for alderman in the first place.

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