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Reviews of Chelsea Handler's hosting duties at the 2010 Video Music Awards have been pretty brutal.

The New York Times ranked Handler's performance "among the worst in the show's history." The paper argued that she was "purposefully out-of-touch, with brief, alarming flashes of off-color racial humor" and that she "never looked comfortable, undone by nerves, brittle material and the wattage of those around her.

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The Washington Post

shared similar sentiments, while AOL TV laid blame on the show's lack of A-list talent in general. "Hollywood just didn't show up for this shindig," AOL TV said.

The Los Angeles Times, however, defended Handler, saying she "was a game presence all night, hopping into a hot tub with the cast of Jersey Shore ... and talking smack about Mel Gibson, young Justin Bieber ... and, of course, [Kanye] West."

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