Alisha Alisha

Jeers to America's Next Top Model for turning into North America's Next Top Model.

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The increasingly daft British Invasion cycle of Tyra Banks' played-out CW reality show took the contestants to another former royal colony, Canada, for Toronto Fashion Week, which apparently includes more than Mountie uniforms and lumberjack outfits. (Notably, Tyra didn't make the trip — guess the Great White North isn't fierce enough for her.)

What transpired was a plethora of national clichés, as the winners of the reward challenge received a trip to the annual Calgary Stampede (because supermodels love rodeo?), and the photo shoot featured the cover-girl wannabes festooned in maple leaves and slathered in syrup. "Don't you want some of this maple booty?" Tyra asked rhetorically during the judging session back in L.A. Mrs. Butterworth would be ashamed.

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