Norm MacDonald Norm MacDonald

Cheers to Norm MacDonald for getting back where he belongs: behind a fake-news desk.

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's onetime "Weekend Update" anchor — who, ironically, was fired by ex-NBC Sports head Don Ohlmeyer for making too many jokes about his jock pal O.J. Simpson — scored big laughs in the debut of Comedy Central's Sports Show. No athlete was safe, from Tiger Woods (if he'd won the Masters, MacDonald figured, Jim Nantz's call would've been "a whoremonger no more!") to Lamar Odom (his reality show with wife Khloe Kardashian is "a clever combination of basketball and a bunch of s---.")

Sports Show, on the other hand, is a clever combination of its lead-in Tosh.O (using Web video of the Dougie Dance and a sad Bill Cosby meme) and lead-out The Daily Show (a taped segment with L.A. Clippers Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan was a slam dunk). A few bits crossed the line into foul territory — "After reading all these Yogi Berra quotes, I'm starting to think the guy's retarded" — but with MacDonald, that's simply the Norm.

Do you think Norm MacDonald's winning with Sports Show?

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