M.C. Gainey M.C. Gainey

Cheers to M.C. Gainey for going out with a bang on Justified. The intimidating character actor best known as the ironically named Tom Friendly on Lost (and for his own flash-Sideways as the angry naked biker in Alexander Payne's 2004 film) loomed over the first season of FX's Elmore Leonard drama as backwoods crime-family patriarch Bo Crowder. In the shoot-'em-up's aptly titled finale, "Bulletville," Bo took a fatal slug to the chest from Miami drug thugs angry that his born-again son Boyd (Walton Goggins) had blown up their shipment of ephedrine. But before that, he went down in a blaze of ingloriousness, ordering his nephew (whom he later blew away) to rough up Boyd, killing and literally stringing up Boyd's encampment of followers and kidnapping his ex-daughter-in-law. Suffice it to say Justified's Season 2 Big Bad has some mighty large boots to fill.

Do you think M.C. Gainey's a major loss for Justified?

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