Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi

Jeers to Jake Pavelka for flying off the handle on The Bachelorette.

ABC cut its snooze-worthy footage of Ali Fedotowsky giggling her way through Portugal 40 minutes short to get to the good stuff: the first sit-down between Bachelor pilot Jake and his flighty ex-fiancée Vienna Girardi since their recent tabloid-fueled split. While she came off like an annoying drama queen, his scary outburst—barking at Vienna to "stop interrupting me!"—caused her to dissolve into (crocodile?) tears and storm off the set.

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 Not since Ross Perot repeatedly snapped at Al Gore to stop interrupting him during their NAFTA debate on Larry King Live has this tactic been used less effectively. Now Jake's got something in common with Ross, Al and Larry: None of them had happy endings.

Do you think Jake blew it by losing his cool on The Bachelorette?

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