Dancing With The Stars Dancing With The Stars

Jeers to Dancing With the Stars for tiptoeing around Bristol and Sarah Palin.

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Alaska's former First Daughter — explain to me how being the world's most ironic "teen-abstinence advocate" qualifies her as a Star? — is a half-step up from the Kate Gosselin trainwreck we might've expected, but the judges have cut her way too much slack. Their scores were so shockingly low for competitors like Michael Bolton (a 3, Bruno?) that the crowd repeatedly booed them. Then Bristol's pedestrian performance rated an 8 and two 7's, and

Carrie-Ann Inaba gushed that she looked forward to seeing her back "week after week after week."Either Fox News is paying off the panel or DWTS producers are worried after last week's surprise Hasselhoff ouster of losing another one of their ratings magnets anytime soon. Of course, the real attraction is Bristol's mom, who sat in the front row, got chatted up by Tom Bergeron and was prominently featured in the hometown-visit montage (what is this, The Bachelorette?). And were this week's militaristic dances in her honor?After the Tucker Carlson and Tom DeLay debacles, Democrats should've demanded equal time on DWTS. (And no, former Cincinnati mayor Jerry Springer doesn't count.) What, James Carville can't do a paso doble? Next thing you know Christine O'Donnell will be hitting the dance floor to the tune of "Witchcraft." Or maybe "I Touch Myself"?Is Bristol Palin winning your vote on Dancing With the Stars?

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