Betsy Brandt Betsy Brandt

Cheers to Betsy Brandt for breaking out on Breaking Bad.

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As Marie Schrader, the off-kilter sister-in-law of terminally ill meth-magician Walter White (Bryan Cranston), the skilled character actress has mostly provided support — in every sense of the word — on AMC's nerve-wracking thriller. But with the latest episode, "Open House," Brandt brilliantly stepped into the spotlight as Marie spun out of control, regaling real estate agents and home-sellers with cockamamie fictions about her life — and surreptitiously swiping a few mementos in the process.

Marie's bizarrely escapist behavior was understandable, considering how grim her reality has become, with partially paralyzed narc husband Hank (Dean Norris) verbally abusing her for bringing home Fritos instead of Cheetos. Her character might've gotten a bad break, but Brandt's future couldn't be brighter.

How great is Betsy Brandt on Breaking Bad?

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