Question: When you chat with your buddy [Numbers exec producer] Cheryl Heuton again, can you please pass along that the finale was awesome, and ask her if all of the Season 2 cast will be back? Also, will Dylan Bruno be upped to series regular? Thank you!

Answer: Your wish is my command, Heii. "Dylan Bruno will be back, and he will be a regular next year," Heuton shared via e-mail. "We love our Dylan though I cannot promise that his fans will get their wish that he appear shirtless. [And] it's a bit of a spoiler, but yes, all our regulars will be back next year. The spoiler being that Navi Rawat will return in the role of Amita. That's the one question we left hanging. We ended the season with Amita trying to decide whether or not to take a job at Harvard. One hint I will give is that fans shouldn't think of Amita as trying to decide between a job and Charlie. She's a serious scientist. She's going to be trying to decide between a job and a job."