Now that churlish Charmed enchantress Shannen Doherty has hung up her pointy black hat, every wannabe Wiccan in Hollywood is reciting incantations in hopes that she will be picked to round out the coven of remaining co-stars Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs. Even Survivor: The Australian Outback antagonist Jerri Manthey has, figuratively speaking, parked her broomstick outside producer Aaron Spelling's office.

"Oh, absolutely!" the wicked witch of Oz tells TV Guide Online. "I'm all over it. Somebody should plant that seed."

Unfortunately for Manthey, a well documented mean streak alone won't get her handed the keys to Doherty's cauldron. "I'm glad she would be interested [in signing on]," cackles a rep for Spelling TV. "Frankly, I just don't see it. But thank you for making me laugh."

Assuming that Manthey's hocus-pocus will never enthrall TV wiz Spelling, perhaps, as the season of the switch draws near, he should consider casting these other spellbinders:

Irene Molloy: Despite this diminutive diva's pitch-perfect Doherty impersonation on the Beverly Hills, 90210 parody Grosse Pointe, the sitcom got canceled. As a result, she's probably in such a foul mood that her potential Charmed colleagues might not even realize that Doherty has left.

Vanessa Marcil: After Doherty quit 90210, Spelling saw clear to rehire her for Charmed. So it stands to reason that since this retired soap opera starlet also relocated from the zip code, she belongs at the top of his short list to move into Doherty's dressing room with the revolving door.

Eliza Dushku: Having gone mano y mano with all manner of demons on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this badass babe wouldn't be fazed in the least by any of the scary monsters on the Charmed set. Of course, with Doherty gone, there may no longer be any scary monsters on the Charmed set.

Carly Pope: This Popular ingenue just spent two long years doing battle on-screen with her snobbish sister — meaning that if half of the rumors about off-screen strife among the siblings of Charmed are true, she is likely as tired of name-calling and temper tantrums as Milano and Combs.

Lacey Chabert: By donning skimpy attire for a men's magazine, this former Party of Five moppet completely, ahem, "busted" her wholesome image. Throw in a couple of barroom brawls and a whirlwind marriage to a Hollywood himbo, and her transformation into Playboy poser Doherty will be complete.

Fairuza Balk: In the big-screen thriller The Craft, this wild-eyed wench played a vindictive vixen who conjured up that old black magic to screw with guys' minds and make life hell for the gals to whom she was nearest. On second thought, maybe replacing Doherty wouldn't present enough of a challenge.

Jennie Garth: On the surface, Doherty's fair-haired former 90210 foe might appear to be a dark horse candidate to join the Charmed troupe. After all, she tends to turn her every role sweet, whereas Doherty's characters usually seem to sour. Still, wouldn't it be worth tapping Garth if only to imagine Doherty's reaction? "First Dylan McKay and now this?!"